Who is randy orton dating 2018

Cody's the sweetest person he's ever met with the most in line moral compass.

He keeps Randy grounded and teaches him to be a better person – but every so often, Randy will regress. But damnit if he doesn't try his best to make up for it.

Still, the Viper is definitely going to have fun with this one.

A collection of various tumblr prompt drabbles that I wanted to post here so they're not lost in the abyss that is tumblr.

Seth's not sure if he should be intrigued, or terrified. But after one visit to Ted's camp for underprivileged teens and kids to talk with questioning kids, the conflict resolves itself fairly quick.

Turns out, these kids aren't the only ones realizing things about themselves.

The Viper had previously refused to invoke the Wrestle Mania title shot he had earned by winning the 30-man Royal Rumble Match in January, stating he did not want to face his "master".

Whether this will have an effect on Jo Jo's motivation and concentration of being a successful WWE Diva, we shall see.

Until then, it is important to note the seemingly vulnerable nature of Jo Jo, and hopefully this does not harm her career as a pro wrestler.

Orton made a dramatic about turn on Tuesday night, though, revealing he would fight for the belt on April 2, before igniting Wyatt's cherished cabin and burning the spirit of Sister Abigail, much to Wyatt's horror.

AJ Styles had earlier beaten former Wyatt Family member Luke Harper with a 450 Splash to seemingly secure a title tilt against Wyatt in Orlando.

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