Updating web.config file

This is handy for load balanced environments when the website is running from a central SAN based file system (non-replicated).If you are not running a load balanced environment on a central SAN based file system (or similar) ensure that this setting remains set to When this value is set above 0, the backoffice will check for a new version of Umbraco every 'x' number of days where 'x' is the value defined for this setting. IIS will serve these files, and the Umbraco request pipeline will not be triggered. This setting is only important to older IIS configurations where extension-less URLs weren't supported very well. The default language to use in the backoffice if a user isn't explicitly assigned one. Makes sure that all of the requests in the backoffice are called over HTTPS instead of HTTP when set to .

For example, a user tries to reply to a forum post, but he is not logged in.By default, ek_appe Web Path is set to The folder that stores XSLTs.You would only change this value if you need to move the XSLT folder to another location.Once he clicks post, he is returned to the community group’s page.For additional information, see Private Messaging from the Social Bar.

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