Updating java for blackberry pearl

(previously called the Black Berry Application Storefront).

It was also confirmed that the service would not initially be available for desktops, and only a web-based catalog would be accessible from non-Black Berry devices.

At Black Berry Jam in September 2012, RIM announced that App World had more than 105,000 apps.

On December 3, 2010, Research in Motion announced that daily downloads were two million apps per day.

At the beginning of 2011, 16,000 apps were available on Black Berry App World.

In 2003, RIM launched the Mobile Data Service to enable customers to access Java-based third-party enterprise applications using the secure real-time push-based Black Berry infrastructure.

Later on October 21, 2008, RIM announced at the Black Berry Developer Conference that the company would open an application store for their devices.

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