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There were some carriers already looking at setting up a low-cost airline and we had to get to market first and quickly.

And we did – we went from conceptualisation to first flight in just two months, taking to the skies in August 2001.

Our first reservation system was built in six weeks at a cost of R300 000, which is just bizarre.

When I think of it now, it’s amazing that it ever worked.

I discovered the true extent of that when I read a book about the history of the airline dating back to 1946.The current version of the system is multiple generations ahead of that one, has a team of 30 people working on it, and is worth millions.The airline industry is currently experiencing tough times because of volatile oil prices and the economic crisis, but Kulula is healthy, handling over 100 flights day.We did that by identifying elements of air travel that people would be prepared to pay for separately so that they could travel by air at a lower price.We had seen what was happening overseas and we knew that it would have an impact on the local market.

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