Poland international dating

They consider themselves to be providers, heads of the family, leaders in their relationships. I met plenty that I respected, that I thought were not just good human beings but also good men.Polish men expect to do the approaching when it comes to relationships, they do the courting, they don’t like women to interfere with that role. Polish men can’t give a woman a compliment to save their lives. I met some guys that loved to cook, and I met guys that treated their women like princesses.Whether it is the perception that Western men make more money, and thus can be better providers, or simply that they treat their women more kindly, or just the idea that they are somehow strange and exotic, whatever the reason, Polish women go ape shit over foreign men. Bars, clubs, and every Expat event you could imagine. My friends and I always knew which ones came for honest culture exchanges (there are those that do) and which ones came on the prowl. Upon being introduced to a foreign women these ladies would not acknowledge us at all and size us up with calculating eyes, or briefly speak to us and then immediately home in on any men speaking English.

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So you can imagine the unpleasant shock I got when I moved to Poland in terms of how women are treated. Poland is a land with outlawed abortions, poor sexual education, and limited contraceptive use.Poland is racing to modernize itself and change is in the air.Construction is occurring in every corner of Warsaw, Krakow, and other major cities.Efforts are being made to use EU assistance to improve Poland in a multitude of ways, such as in their treatment of women in the workplace, workplace rights, infrastructure, rights and assistance for the disabled, education, and medical care.Poland looks to the West and it is becoming modern.

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