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The few bucks investment in Insider Internet Dating can get you dates when you don't have the time to go out to bars or clubs to pick women up.

PLUS you get to meet women you wont be able to see anytime otherwise!

And since my personalization for it was swing dancing... This simple format blows I have seen out of the water.

I wanted a step by step guide to setting up my profile and sending emails so I could get to the phone as quickly as possible with the highest quality women possible, and Insider Internet Dating made that happen.I think the most shocking bit was how easy it was to get a phone number after only 2 messages.In the past, I'd send 2 or 3 messages and then get AIM and then chat a bunch of times on AIM and then finally get the number. Your method really cuts to the chase, it's so easy and EFFICIENT. That said, getting your product was money well spent.I live to help single men succeed and smash through their sticking points so they can meet and date the women they really desire using online dating sites. is, in my opinion, one of the best guys out there when it comes to picking up women off the Internet. If you want to play in the world of online game, you have to get Dave’s Program! When it comes to meeting women online you REALLY know what you are doing, and thank you."- Jared“Dave M.

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