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“And a lot of those groups are eager to participate proactively in elections because for years they’ve been working mainly against something — namely to block awful legislation — and now they see these elections as a chance to work for something.”Jordan, who describes herself as “very progressive,” says that, if elected, she will move immediately to expand Medicaid in her state.

Idaho’s Republican governor Butch Otter and the state legislature have resisted this move for years.

“My grandfather said, ‘never forget your contract with Mother Earth. If we grow, we harvest, and we take the gifts that she gives us, but we don’t ever try to hurt her.”Jordan said in an interview that she also feels a strong personal connection to one of the biggest political issues in Western state politics right now: the conservation of federal lands and national monument sites that the Trump administration is determined to sell off.

You always have that contract with Mother Earth as indigenous people,” Jordan said. Recently, President Donald Trump went against the wishes of locals in the conservative state of Utah and drastically the size of federally protected Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument to open them up for oil and gas drilling.“We have this president who decides to open up [monument sites] for oil and gas extractions to basically to ravage the land in every way possible for the benefit of the corporations,” she said.

“So when I say pro-life I don’t want to over-politicize it.

It just means that I’m respectful of all life,” Jordan said.

“Now that, to me, is not only unlawful but goes back to being a detriment to the people.”The will to protect federal lands from privatization has typically been in western states.

In Montana’s special election in May, both Democratic candidate Rob Quist and Republican candidate Greg Gianforte came out strongly in favor of keeping federal public land public.

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“To be able to be in a room with these elders, listening to their needs and their perspectives, their stories and their values — that’s something you don’t ever want to take for granted.” Among her most emphasized political priorities is her commitment to environmental protection and conservation, which she says comes directly from her family’s commitments to stewardship of the earth and protecting it at all costs. Protect our land and ensure she’s always respected.She also claims to enthusiastically support the rights of lawful gun owners in her state.These beliefs put her among a of self-identified “progressives” in red states who adopt populist positions on issues like health care, but take more moderate or conservative stances on issues like abortion and gun control.“I think there’s this task for Democrats in red states to essentially communicate to voters that the Democrats are the ones on the ‘helping people’ train — that we believe in expanding pre-K, making child care more affordable to families and having a path to Medicaid expansion — that’s where I think this could be a different type of year.”Should Jordan win her primary, she will likely face off against Republican Rep.Raul Labrador, who of any member of the state’s congressional delegation.

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