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Whether you live in the US or Russia, you can start browsing and flirting for free on this easy-to-use dating site.provides a safe space to meet a real person and build a lasting relationship using live chat and translation tools.There are more than 8 million people in the city of New York. More and more New Yorkers are searching for love on European dating sites, living out fairy-tale fantasies of international romance.Most are either too young, too old, too married or too incarcerated to date. “French men really treat you like a lady,” says Lillian, a 42-year-old Manhattan copy editor who signed up for, Europe’s largest dating site.e Harmony matched her with Peter, a 30-year-old Slovakian living in England.After months of Webcam chats, Susan hopped the pond for a face-to-face.It’s not just New Yorkers who are searching overseas for love.

“I had already dated most of the guys I knew and wanted to date in New York,” says Alex.

This month they missed connections — she flew to France for vacation the same day he flew to NYC for business — yet Lillian managed to line up two dates with another Frenchman Meetic member while in Paris.

“I was talking to guys in Italy, France and Sweden all at once,” she brags.

Sarah credits European men with being more open and less threatened by female success than American men. “You have to be willing to look under every rock,” she says.

The Short Version: It’s a big world out there, and, with the connective tools of the internet, daters can now meet anyone anywhere.

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