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Once they do, he says their choreography is done and rides into the sunset.

Back to the performance now, the crowd apparently loved their children’s song, even Ji Soo who was making fun of them in the previous episode.

JB tells him to calm down, but he turns on his partner saying that he’s probably glad that Nana’s gone because she was better than him.

JB says that’s not true since they’re a team, but then Si Woo brings up the fact that he wanted to go solo in the beginning of the series and storms off.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nana finds out he has vocal cysts in her throat.

Surgery is an option, but there could be side effects like her voice changing or a decreased range.

Because of this, she then decides that she’s going to quit school.

Meanwhile, Ji Soo is trying to convince President Lee to not disband Hershe E.Yoo Jin interrupts them by throwing a piece of chalk at JB and the two have a brief fight in which Yoo Jin accidentally kneels in front of JB, much to everyone else’s amusement.They eventually start drawing and Yoo Jin is displeased to see JB helping Hye Sung out by holding her mirror so she can draw herself.Seul, for some reason, just happens to be listening in and looks disappointed with her dad even though he really didn’t say anything I felt she should be mad at him for.They notice her there as well and he looks shocked that she overheard them. At the hospital, Rian receives a text from Si Woo telling her that Nana was admitted to the hospital she’s in for a cold.

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