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Under (J), citations of print editions are being added slowly, but most entries now have a link to a full Japanese electronic text.Though based on a 1928 edition, these are handy for searches and reference--not least in giving quick access to information about the identity of the , etc.This takes the place of the circumflex (ô, û) used in romanization used in some older editions and on the Continent.

From February 2009, the macron has been included too.In order to ensure that you will continue to find plays titles including a long vowel, such titles have been listed in the following manner: uses the style with -n- rather than -m-.(An exception is made for the name of the Komparu school.) For a compact guide to dating and grounds for attribution, see Takemoto 1995, 53-120.Notes in red or in CAPITALS are likewise points to clarify.If a title is translated, that information is included in parentheses.

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