Bri bagwell dating roger creager

Through the honesty of her lyrics, one could imagine the hardships and […]The brand new, full-length album from the Two-Time Texas Female Vocalist of the Year is finally here! Her song, “My Boots” hit #1 on the Texas Regional Radio Report Charts! We’re were honored to record Creager’s latest EP, “Gulf Coast Time”, the follow up to his “Road Show” release.

The new EP “Gulf Coast Time” is certainly a slice out of Creager life.

Jesse’s first record was also recorded at our studio and we really set the bar high with that release of Blame it on the Music.

Sittin’ Here is the title of his sophomore effort and is a great representation of […]Chris Mitchell paid his way through college playing the saxophone.

We are also in tune with technology and can accommodate all performers from a single singer to an entire orchestra.From fast-paced, high energy tunes, to heart-warming, soulful melodies, this album displays a variety of Jesse’s musical abilities and skills.As producers, our job is made easiest […]A hot new up-and-comer who has held down the house gig at Schoepf’s BBQ in Belton, Tx for the past few years, Michael Carubelli leaves a lasting impression on all who dine there.There, he studied opera and was classically trained by Louima […]Chris Story grew up in a rural area of Texas, which like most small towns, consisted of churches and a Dairy Queen.His first taste of music was introduced very early in life surrounded by a family of musicians and singers.

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