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Unfortunately, most doctors today adopt a mindset that is based on viewing patients as “the other” (this is an international phenomenon and it is not new…

in fact this horrible attitude is hundreds of years old).

If you dislike their sources, direct them to the right sources.I help people fight for their lives more efficiently when I am able to.First, let me talk about the good doctors I encountered.Here you can read full medical articles on Pub Med. Here is your big data and AI based outcome analysis for all the treatment combinations. This is the surface where you can raise funds online for your treatment. I am telling you, it sometimes feels like I am talking to a white supremacists male police man while being a black female driver on a deserted country road, or something like that.Here you can find patient readable summaries of the articles on the medical wikipedia. Thank you for selecting this noninvasive surgery in Italy and this cancer vaccine in Germany. I am white, but I can imagine the generalized anxiety and trauma such people cause innocent and vulnerable citizens.

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